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Is using password checkers really safe?

It's wise to exercise caution, and it's never a smart idea to submit your real information on a website you aren't sure about. The ones that request your credentials are the ones you should pay close attention to.

Why then is this password strength Checker secure?

- We don't save any of the passwords you enter, and they never leave your browser (You can disconnect your internet connection and then try it if you wish)

- No checks are made on our servers; they are all made on the page you are now viewing.

- Even if the password were supplied to us, we wouldn't truly know who you were, so we couldn't connect it to any usernames or websites you would visit.

- Because our company is helping individuals increase their online security, the last thing we want to see is passwords being sent insecurely over the internet.

The Best Way To Make Safe Passwords

The following are the best methods for making safe passwords:

Our password-related study has indicated that 50% of Americans use passwords of eight characters or fewer, which are less secure than longer passwords. Passwords must contain at least 18 characters.

A password should contain a combination of letters, numbers, and characters.

For every account you have, use a unique password.

Any sensitive information about the user, such as their address or phone number, shouldn't be included in their password. It's also preferable to avoid including any information that may be found on social media, such as the names of children or pets.

There shouldn't be any consecutive letters or digits in a password.

The term "password" or repeated letters or numbers shouldn't be used as a password.

Why choose a secure password?

While using the same password on numerous websites could be handy, it poses a serious security risk. If someone learned your password, their access to your email, Facebook, Twitter, bank account may be compromised. Every online account should have a different, difficult-to-guess password to keep your personal data secure.

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